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Dr. James Shyun
LAc. OMD. Ph.D.

Acupuncture For Spinal Cord & Stroke Injuries

Our Practitioner

Dr. Shyun is an expert in traditional Chinese healing arts, with over 50 years of experience devoted to his work. He began his studies when he was just 9 years old, as an apprentice of Master Wei Xiao Tang in Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Shyun spent four years studying the theory and practice of Chinese healing arts before embarking on 18 years of hands-on clinical practice of diagnosing and treating patients under the guidance of his master.

Dr. Shyun has a unique approach. Different from many other doctors you may have gone to. As a healing artist, he stresses the importance of recognizing the oneness that must be understood in order to treat a patient most effectively. He sees diseases afflicting us as part of our nature as well. He posits, for example, that when treating a patient with some type of disease, many medical doctors think of the disease as something separate from the patient.

Helping Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Patients

Disclaimer: Results May Vary For Each Patient

Three Reasons To Try Acupuncture


Acupuncture will improve the micro circulation on the nerves system of your bowel and bladder. The circulation will increase cell regeneration and tissue metabolism alleviating local tissue ischemia and vasospasm. When your circulation increases (Chi and blood flow), the reflexive regulation of the brain and spinal cord cell function will begin to reconstruct the complication site and improve spinal cord hypoxia. When your body begins to alleviate complication symptoms, your spinal cord injury will begin to heal and improve as well.


Dr. James Shyun is a specialist in SCI acupuncture. He is the first Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor to treat spinal cord injury complications specifically for neurogenic bladder and bowel. Dr. Shyun has a wealth of knowledge and over 50 years of TCM practice. His superior sense of the human physiology will guide your complications back to its normal functions.

Here at Shyun Acupuncture, your health is our concern. We understand the severity of your symptoms and we want to help you to regain control of your neurogenic bladder and bowel functions. Our treatments are designed according to each individuals unique situations and the oneness of our bodily functions. Thus, our treatments are deeply healing and thorough.


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