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How Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Help Your Spine?

Your pathway to normal bowel and bladder function

For over 10 years Neuromax Paralysis Clinic located in the Southern California Region has developed cutting edge TCM techniques designed to return Bladder and Bowel issues related to spinal injury complications to normal.

We promise to work closely with you to discover your unique situation and collaborate with you to determine the best custom tailored solution.

We strive to make our tailored treatment solutions:

  • Work for your personal SCI situation

  • Complement your lifestyle and

  • Fit within your budget

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments are non-obtrusive and gentle. We know our treatments can improve the functions of debilitated bladder and bowels and bring them back to a normal state of functionality.

An overall heath improvement is often experienced through your TCM treatments that benefit your SCI recovery journey. Your body will be stronger and more capable of healing the traumatic SCI injuries when the bladder and bowel dysfunctions are alleviated. We know the this journey is hard and difficult and we are here to help.

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